When Life gives you Lemons-Write about it

Writing is the best therapy. After coming back from a wonderfully inspiring writer’s retreat in Rhode Island, I realized I needed to get back to writing after life had just pulled the braided rug out from underneath me.
My mother, my friend and my writing mentor died of cancer on March 12, after being diagnosed only nine weeks prior. She had just enough time to help us make plans for her own service, make peace with a few people and make damn sure that she handed me her final unfinished manuscript.
What do I take away from this? I will miss her deeply, I won’t get her daily pep-talks but I know she’s with me. I find great comfort in that. I can still hear her words,”No matter what sit in that chair and write! I don’t care if you’re tired, hung-over or just don’t feel like it-sit in that chair and write.” Mom was always right-I didn’t always listen, but I do now.I am making a promise to myself to sit down every day (no matter what) and write. Write in your on-line journal, your blog, write a letter to your character, begin a new novel, or try your hand at poetry. Giving yourself permission to create gives your soul freedom, beyond words and it may even heal your heavy heart. “Thanks mom for giving me the greatest gift ever-passion for the written word and believing in me.”


One thought on “When Life gives you Lemons-Write about it

  1. Sometimes we have to be our own cheerleader. I have begun to accept adversity as fodder for my writing. Experiencing pain lets me write more authentically about it.

    At least, that’s what I tell myself.

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