Baby steps

I’m finding it genuinely difficult to stay motivated to write these days. But a friend told me about May Days. I looked at this writing activity as ‘baby steps’. I thought I’d give it a whirl. Where do our thoughts come from when we write? I think it comes from the heart. It comes from a state of being. I missed mom today. I missed her a lot. I felt sad and out of options. But I realized from the depths of an emotion that weighs so heavy on my heart that I have to look at where I came from. My parents were both artists, one was a photographer, the other a writer and together they made books. As a kid, I’d sit and watch my mom type on the typewriter and thought that’s what I want to be, a writer. I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. I wrote poems and short stories and always kept a journal. In college I majored in English (duh) and wrote for the school paper. I couldn’t get enough of Yeats, Emily Dickinson & Kurt Vonnegut. Then the magical phase in life came when I met my wonderful husband and raised three beautiful boys who have given me so much joy and became my spark of inspiration to write picture books and more. I adore the written word. Writing frees my soul. Let us never stop creating. My mom, my mentor, my friend is gone. I no longer get those phone calls to ask me if my butt is in the chair. I’d tell her, “It would be if I wasn’t on the phone..” I’d tell her. She always told me, “Never forget your roots. Never forget where you came from.” I believe she said this so I will always find my way back. That my roots are literary roots that I will never loose. I just have to sit with my butt in chair, let my fingers find the letters to the words that my heart speaks and be a writer. Fifteen minutes a day to start. I can do that. Thanks Nancy Tupper Ling for getting me going. There’s no stopping me now!


4 thoughts on “Baby steps

    • Jacqui-I have been ‘doing my homework’ lately, working on character Development for now and moving onto Plot revision. Blogging hasn’t been a priority lately.


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      • I have found that the best tip in character development is spending time with them-getting to know them Like a real person. I put together a Character development sheet that I now use that’s very thorough and Helped me a lot. I’ll try and post it later on my blog-thanks for asking. Best of Luck with your revision.


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